Kevin and Danielle Jonas just recently revealed the news to the public that they’re expecting, but ever since, Dani has been more vocal on Twitter and Instagram than she has in years! We get it. We’re just as excited for the Jonas baby as she is. And here’s the most recent tweet the mom-to-be shared on the social networks yesterday, which is just really, really cute:

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The tweet was accompanied by this pic of baby Jonas in utero:


And since announcing the baby news about a month ago, Danielle has posted tons of other adorable Insta pics that show how excited she is to be a mama. Here are just a few of ’em:




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You can follow Danielle on Instagram @DanielleJonas to see more pics! What do you think of Danielle being so open about her pregnancy? Which of her Insta pics is the cutest? Tweet us @OKMagazine!

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