How's this for girl power? Demi Moore has joined the biopic Lovelace and will be playing none other than feminist icon Gloria Steinem! Adam Brody has also been added to the line-up to star as the X-rated actor Harry Reems.

The movie centers on Linda Lovelace, one of the world's first mainstream stars of adult entertainment, as indicated by Entertainment Weekly.
Linda claimed she was violently forced into her work by her husband and later became an adamant anti-porn activist. She died in 2002 in a car accident. Amanda Seyfried will play Linda in the biopic.
Demi and Adam are joined by Eric Roberts, a fact-checker who has been brought in to question Linda about her book. Sharon Stone, Juno Temple, Hank Azaria, James Franco and Chris Noth will also star.
The movie will open later this year — sounds like it's one that's not to be missed!

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