Taylor Swift has obviously got a thing for dating boys in the limelight. Are you letting out a loud and echoing "duh"? Alright, so we don't have to fill you in on her romantic flings with Hollywood hotties. It's a known fact that Cupid could write a book on her love life. Ellen even joked with Taylor about the boys she has been seen with! We have to give it to Tay though—she's a really good sport. 

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To show our support for T-Swift and serious matters of the heart, we have to admit that we'd probably fall for all these guys, too. Can you blame her? They're all gorgeous. The butterflies would be never-ending. But did you know that Taylor's love escapades have actually been classified? Your Tango expert and author Charles J. Orlando calls the trend "The Taylor Swift Syndrome." 

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So what exactly does that even mean? Well, Your Tango basically described this as when people enter relationships super fast, hand over too much of themselves to their guys. When the relationship ends, Orlando explains that people often lose a part of themselves, too. 

Now that makes sense! When Tay's flings end, she's always off writing a song about 'em. 

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