There’s one super safe approach to get up-close and personal with the hungry, fin-flaunting, sharp-toothed terrors swimming around the sea this summer. The occasion is appropriately named Shark Week. Before you chomp down on your pool party grub and flick on the TV for the opening feature, skip the beer and whip up a refreshing, splashy drink.

Jaws Juice


2 parts Skinnygirl Bare Naked Vodka
5 muddled blueberries
3 muddled blackberries
1 part club soda

Directions: Muddle the ingredients in a glass with the 2 parts of vodka. Top it off with club soda.

Photos: Watermelon-Flavored Drinks

Great White Wine Slush


5 parts glass of Skinnygirl California White wine
2 parts frozen lemonade
1 part soda water
Lemon peel twist for garnish

Directions: Blend the ingredients with crushed ice. Pour the result into a flute glass. Top it off with soda water and garnish the cocktail with a twist of lemon.

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