The last night in Vegas had to be one of my favorite episodes, just because I left the rat casino that took all my money! What was interesting to me about this week’s episode was watching things that I obviously didn’t see and watch for the first time with the fans.

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For example, how mad Renee was because Ang and I were hanging out with Natalie—even after they had a fight. Um!? That confused the hell out of me because Renee has no business pointing fingers and talking about loyalty when it comes to that. No business. She must have forgotten all the years I was brawling with Karen and Ramona, and Renee was hanging out with them everyday. At times she even put her two cents in and made the whole fight worse. But I was never mad that she hung out with the girls I was fighting with and never questioned her loyalty. She was hanging out with both of us. And that is fine. We are not in 7th grade. That was the grade when you stop talking to someone because your friend is not talking to them.

Besides that, we are locked up in Vegas at this point with nowhere to go. I knew Renee would realize that she was wrong, and she did! And I am proud of her for apologizing to Natalie. That was great. That is a perfect example to explain why Ang and I continued hanging out with Natalie. We would have looked like idiots if we had stopped talking to her, then Renee makes up with her and we come back around. Again, that’s middle school nonsense.

The best thing we can do is just try and make it better. It ended up working out anyway, but it really was not fair to me, Ang and Alicia. That trip was so stressful, but has you can see we ended up having so much fun. ONLY ONE NIGHT. But at least we had fun before we came home. Renee apologizing was great! Even though she was still mad she knew she was wrong and ended up doing the right thing, so I am proud of her.

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Do I want to talk about losing $8,000? NOPE. Not really. I am typically a big winner any time I gamble so this was devastating to my gambling career! I honestly never lose. I guess there is a first time for everything. As for Lee, I knew I’d get cursed out. I don’t think he was mad about the money. He was just mad that I went to Vegas. Oh well! I was mad he went to jail, so we’re even.


A lot of tweets were fans asking me why I let Lee talk to me like that. For one, I talk like that to him too. It’s just how we are.We rip each other apart, but then it’s over. I like it better that way. Nothing is more annoying then a fight that lingers all week and no one talks it out. So I highly suggest all couples to just curse each other out and you will feel better, I promise! LOL, I’m kidding. I don’t think Patti Stanger would agree.

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We have a crazy episode coming up. We see that once we get back from Vegas, Alicia and I end up on the cover of the Post in our bikinis. Who’s the rat? Who called the paper and told them about our trip? Gave a photo of Alicia and I that was taken near the pool? I guess we will find out!

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