The Ellen DeGeneres Show returns for its seventh season on Sept. 8 with none other than David Beckham. Ellen welcomed her guest by showing off the steamy Emporio Armani that she and the LA Galaxy star did together that somehow didn’t make it onto a billboard.

First, however, Ellen discussed the ad Becks starred in with his wife of 10 years, Victoria Beckham.

“That must have been fun,” Ellen says of the ad, which features Posh lying on top of her husband.

“We never get a chance to work together and when we do, it’s amazing and it was great to work with her on the day,” David explains.

“I thought those came out almost as good as the ones we did together,” Ellen says, adding, “I don’t know why they didn’t end up in magazines because I think they looked good. Let me show you what we did,” she says, revealing her own version, wherein she has replaced Victoria. “That’s crazy that nobody got to see that. I felt that more people should see it and I don’t have a lot power but I have some power.”

Ellen then revealed the billboard outside the Warner Bros studio, in NYC’s Times Square, in Los Angeles on Sunset Blvd. and in David’s hometown in London at Liverpool Station.

As for his real partner in those ads, David reflects on their marriage of 10 years, explaining that the 10 roses tattoo on his arm marks their anniversary. “We always try to do special things,” he confesses. “It’s not always about buying gifts for each other. We just make sure that we spend time together or go for dinner together and do special things. That is important to us.”

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