While at Sundance, new couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski could barely contain their public displays of affection!

The pair arrived hand-in-hand at Village at The Yard’s T-Mobile G1 Dinner on Jan. 16 and kept "smiling and winking at each other" once inside says an insider.

While his relationship with Emily, 25, is still new, a pal of John, 29, tells OK! The Office Star‘s ex Rashida Jones is heartbroken. "She really, really liked him," the pal says.

Meanwhile, it’s not all play and no work for Krasinski. The actor is at Sundance to promote his new film Brief Interviews for Hideous Men, which he both wrote and directed.

Of the film, Krasinski said recently, "I never wanted to be a writer, never wanted to direct anything," Krasinski said. "People talk about being a triple threat. I’m still working on being a single threat! Acting’s what I love the most."

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