Emmy Rossum doesn’t let her figure slip as she goes through her divorce to Justin Siegel and begins dating Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz.

“I get really bored easily of a certain exercise,” Emmy, 23, says. “Right now I’m into Bikram, which is hell. It’s 105 degrees for 90 minutes. I’ve been doing it for two weeks now for about four or five times a week at this place called Yoga To The People. It’s really good. Downtown, uptown, I think they have both.”

She continues, “It makes my head really clear. It’s 90 minutes where you can’t check your cellphone and no one can get to you – which I find, even when you’re on the treadmill sometimes, in between wind springs, I’m checking my phone. I can’t be texting on the treadmill, because then I don’t get any time to myself.”

Even after sweating it out through Bikram, the actress keeps her sweet treats low in fat. What’s her sweet treat substitute?

“Sugar-free Jello with fat-free Cool Whip,” she says. “It feels good when you’re eating it. It feels like something more than it actually is, but then I end up eating five of them and then it pretty much doesn’t matter. Or else I’ll put dried cherries in the freezer, and I’ll eat that.”

After all, Emmy has to stay fit for events like Ivanka Trump‘s wedding held one week ago today.

“It was really beautiful,” she says.

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