CAN'T. STOP. CRYING. We just got the EXCLUSIVE news that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, aka the most adorable, cutest, most favorite couple are separating!

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Ben and Jen have been married since 2005 and have three kids, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, but just got the exclusive scoop that after all the attention Ben got during awards season for Argo, he hasn't had as much time for his family and Jen just couldn't take it anymore. This doesn't mean they're getting divorced just yet, but they need to take a break from each other and "evaluate things." So sad!

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APRIL FOOL'S! Hahah! We got you there for a minute, didn't we? All we have to say is thank goodness this is just a prank. We don't know what we'd do with ourselves if this news was actually true. We're sad enough over all these other recent celebrity breakups that we don't think we could handle another one right now.

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