Do you remember where you were when Kate Middleton announced she was pregnant? It was international news, and the world stopped to take notice on December 3, 2012. We've known for precisely six months now that an adorable royal was on the way, and it's time to start making guesses.

Watch: Kate Middleton arrives at the queen's coronation celebration this week!

Here are our clues.

It's traditional to wait three months before announcing a pregnancy. If Kate were three months pregnant on December 3, then she'd be at nine months as of this week and due in the next few days. But…

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Kate had to announce early, say at two-months pregnant or even less, because she was so ill. The statement from Buckingham Palace was that the pregnancy was in its "very early stages" in early December. If she were two months pregnant, she'd now be at the beginning of her eighth month or so.

But! She recently attended the celebration of the queen's coronation anniversary, at which time it was speculated that it would be one of her final appearances before she left the public eye for maternity leave. She's been attending fewer events. Could she be in her final month?

We guessed Kim Kardashian's due date to be June 30. For Kate, how about a date in July…


Do you think she has a while to go? How do you think we'll find out? What if she and Kim have babies on the same day? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @OKMagazine.


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