Amanda Bynes‘ mom was given legal control over her 27-year-old daughter in August, and it’s been radio silent ever since. Until now! Lynn Bynes is finally speaking out on her daughter’s condition in an exclusive statement to

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Lynn told the site:

“I would really like everyone out there to know that almost 99 percent of the things written about my daughter in various media outlets are false or misleading. Unless it’s a statement issued by our family attorney, Tamar Arminak, please take everything you read about Amanda with a grain of salt. Please know that neither myself or other family members have ever released any information regarding her treatment or diagnosis. We truly believe in keeping our daughter’s situation private for now.”

Of course, the current “situation” is that Amanda is now staying at a treatment center in Malibu, which she was transferred to after a brief stint in the hospital and court.

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And in a thank you to the supporters, Lynn also said:

“We appreciate everyone’s heartfelt support and we hope that she can get some privacy and the respect she deserves during this trying time. Both my husband and I love Amanda very much and we know that she will get through this situation.”

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