Ladies, start saving up those checks you get for working overtime. Channing Tatum has confirmed the amazing news that Magic Mike, his 2012 stripper movie based loosely on his life, is going to become a broadway musical.

What this means is that now, us gals will get to see men strip, dance and sing—all for the price of one Broadway show ticket! No word yet on if Channing will star in the show himself (though it would be kind of amazing to see him sing, would it not?) though he is definitely confirmed as one of the show’s producers. Oh, and writers for Glee and Next to Normal will be writing the script and the music to go along with it.

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But there’s more—the movie is also going to be getting a sequel! Or maybe a prequel. The concept is still in the early stages, but Channing is totally on board with it and Matthew McConaughey and Joe Maganiello might be involved with it too. Neither the show nor the sequel have a timeframe yet, so stay tuned to for all the deets as they happen!

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Oh, and let’s not forget that Channing other’s 2012 hit, 21 Jump Street, is confirmed to be getting the sequel treatment as well. Busy busy!

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