And now the Entourage boys have an airline! Well, kind of…

Entourage is back on the air and I didn’t have time to see the fifth season premiere Sunday because I was at 30 Rock co-star Katrina Bowden’s birthday party. But, I did see the Entourage boys for a bit while I was in NYC. Actually, I saw them in Vinny Chase’s native Queens. The Entourage crew, minus Jeremy Piven -who was in Toronto promoting his new film RocknRolla (see follow-up interview with JP tomorrow), but plus Sir Richard Branson, were having a cocktail party in an airport hangar at JFK airport to celebrate Virgin America branding a plane that will fly between New York and Las Vegas Entourage Air for a month. When the boys arrived at the afternoon soiree, via helicopter from midtown, like their guests they were greeted with Godiva chocolates and champagne. That’s the same welcome those who fly ‘Entourage Class’ during the duration of the promotion receive. Decadent. Always one to experiment, I combined the two and had champagne with a drop of Godiva Liqueur. Yummy.

After a couple of cocktails I asked Sir Richard Branson his in-flight must-have which led to a response including the fact that Virgin America is not an opponent to passengers joining the mile high club and while he didn’t encourage it per se, he did throw it out there that, ‘We won’t knock on the door.’

And, since the talk of the day was Sarah Palin’s nomination as a the Republican’s Vice Presidential candidate, someone asked the group who they’d choose as their VP if they were running for office. Branson answered Barack Obama while Adrian Grenier said he’d pick E and Kevin Dillon chose his real-life dad.

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