Teen Wolf star Holland Roden is taking over OKMagazine.com as our Celebrity-in-Chief. She’s editing our normal, go-to stories, so today it’s all about a #FirstFriday!

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Before Teen Wolf made her famous, Holland appeared on several smaller TV shows, so she told us about her first time on a TV set. “I was on this HBO show called 12 Miles of Bad Road, and I had never been on a set before. I was a sophomore in college. I had a fitting for what I was going to wear, but they never actually decided what I was going to wear,” says Holland.

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“I show up on set, I have an 8am call time. I get there at 7:30, and there’s this big line, and everyone had different kinds of uniforms in their hands,” she says. “I was like, Oh, that’s the kind of uniform I need. I was waiting in line with the extras to receive one, and I didn’t know they placed it in my room! I was like, Gosh, I’m going to be late! I waited for 45 minutes, freaking out.”

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It seems humility doesn’t really pay off on a TV set. “I finally asked a P.A., and they were like, ‘What’s your name? No, come this way.’ I was late for my call! All because I was waiting with the extras and didn’t know they put it in your room,” says Holland. Whoops!

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