It seems like the scandals just keep coming Gary Coleman‘s way – after allegedly backing into a photo-seeking fan with his truck earlier this month, the Diff’rent Strokes actor is now being sued by the man, Colt Rushton.


The Insider obtained a copy of the lawsuit, to be filed later today, and also sat down with Rushton to discuss the incident. Rushton says he snapped a couple pictures of Gary and his wife Shannon Price at a bowling alley in Utah.


Then, Rushton says, a member of Gary’s party, Paul Rohbock, approached him and offered $20 for each picture. Rohbock then said that Rushton couldn’t take pictures without selling them.


As he exited the bowling alley, Rushton claims that he saw Gary’s car and took another photo, after which was "attacked, without warning, from behind by Price and/or Rohbock, who clawed his arm and grabbed his cell phone away from him."


He also claims that Gary himself hit him as well. Rushton says he offered to delete the photos, but Shannon refused to give his phone back, so he approaced the driver’s front fender. He says Coleman then "slammed the truck into reverse, swerved and swung the front of the truck into him, hitting him, throwing him to the ground and possibly running him over."??


Tune in to The Insider tonight for their exclusive one-on-one interview with Colt Rushton about the lawsuit.

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