Be jealous, OK! has got the low down on The Lo Down! Author, fashionista, reality icon, oh and throw TV producer and co-host in there, OK! chatted with Lo Bosworth while she was in the Big Apple to hang with friends and more importantly, Fashion Week! Lo just got back from a three week book tour for her first book The Lo Down. The book is about dating and drama. Sound familiar?

The Hills starlet tells OK! that “on the show I was always the advice giver, the shoulder to cry on” so the show definitely played a part in what went into her book. Lo told OK! that the book tour went better than she had ever expected! “I’m so happy I did it it,” she says. “Honestly, it was an overwhelming experience. It was a lot better than I thought it was gonna be. I was nervous and it turned out really good.”

So what’s an average day like for Lo on book tour?

“Get up at 6 a.m., get on an airplane, fly to the next city, land, spend an hour at my hotel getting ready, go to the signing, go home, get room service, go to sleep, get up and do it all over again the next day.”


And she couldn’t be happier doing it! “It’s really great to get such positive feedback from the people that I was trying to reach out to… the response to the book is overwhelming,” Lo revealed to OK!. And how does she stay in shape while traveling the nation? “Gotta get enough sleep, eat right, and go to the gym.”

Not only did she just come out with her first book, Lo also launched her very own website that focuses on relationship advice, health and fitness tips, style guides, beauty tutorials, gossip and all around fun website for everybody.

“I need some kind of outlet that continues to let me keep in touch with fans and the website is just the perfect space for that. It’s great because people who originally didn’t know who I was started to read the website and see that I’m a normal person and I have an opinion and that I’m funny and nice, so I’ve gained so many fans since creating thelodown and on my twitter,” Lo explains, adding, “I feel like theres something for everybody on the website.” And Lo herself does all the relationship health and beauty posts. Who better to get advice on that from?

So what does a girl like Lo do for Valentine’s Day you ask? The newly single Lo tells OK! that “I’m going to be in the city and I have so many friends that are here I’m gonna spend it with them. I’m single, there’s some boys, nobody serious enough that I’m planning on spending the evening with, so I’m going to hang out with some friends in the city and go out to dinner and enjoy myself.”

But don’t get too excited guys, she isn’t looking to settle down too soon!

We asked Lo what she would suggest a single gal do for Valentine’s Day. Lo suggests hanging with your galpals!

“Definitely spend time with your friends. I think it’s fun to celebrate Valentine’s Day even if you’re single because it just keeps you in a positive space about relationships.” In a relationship for Valentine’s Day?   “I think a simple day together is great,” advises Lo.


And Lo is all in favor of love, whether you’re single or dating or somewhere in between: When she geard about AT&T’s “Shout your love from the Mountain” idea, she was hooked. “I thought it was such a cute and original idea I just think it’s so fun” she tells OK!.  How it works: Head over to, submit your love shout, and AT&T will send it over to one of their fully qualified Mountain Man Yellers standing atop a real mountain, and you can watch live to see if your shout gets shouted!

So what’s next for the unstoppable Lo? Another book!

“I’m working on my next book right now; it’s about breakups so I’m staying in the relationship genre.” Not only is she working on a second book, but Lo is getting back into TV! Lo will be co-hosting and producing. She tells OK!, “I’m working on a new project that is in the talk show space… I’m hoping for an announcement in the next few weeks so I’m really really excited” We can’t wait to hear more about it!

For more on Lo’s website, check it out at!

By Alannah Scharfenberger

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