First off, happy 30th birthday Mila Kunis! In honor of the actress’ special day, we’ve dedicated our Gotta See It GIFs of the Day to the star. Check out 5 of the reasons we love Mila below!

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Mila Kunis 2
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The Queen Bee of That 70’s Show

We all fell in love Mila as Jackie Burkhart, the popular fashionista who had all the boys attention. Plus who can forget her cheeky comments and one liners?

Mila Kunis 3
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Mila Kunis + Ashton Kutcher = Love

There’s nothing better than your favorite TV couple falling in love outside of the show. Seriously, how perfect are they together?

Mila Kunis 4
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Always the Life of the Party

We have a feeling Mila would be the prankster on set. Wherever she goes, Mila knows how to have a good time.

Mila Kunis 5
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She Laughs At Her Own Jokes

This funny lady isn’t afraid to let everyone know it! From her films to red carpet interviews, we always look forward to Mila’s witty banter.

Mila Kunis
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Bring On the Sass and Spunk

Mila knows how to bring it on camera and off.  Plus, she always speaks her mind. Remeber when she stood up for Justin Timbelake in Russian? Amazing.

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