Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend Hailey Glassman have a lot in common. They both can’t stand drama, but love to create it! Hailey has been tweeting away today complaining about all the drama in her  life, created, we’re assuming, by Jon’s recent public complaints towards TLC. Definitely a great way to make your life drama free! She must have learned that one from Jon.

Hailey first tweeted around 9 a.m. ET  today saying, “Its time 2 move on<This drama has taken over my life,nevermind the entire like world<So beyond stressful.Like living in a state of paranoia!”

This afternoon Hailey directly spoke of Jon, tweeting: “No matter what I will always be there for Jon.Whether we are together or just friends,he will always have my family and my support.”

Hailey’s attempt to rid drama of her life hasn’t ended yet!

“People are losing whats actually important in life through all this drama, Like appreciating simple things, being *Happy,*Healthy,*Family!” she writes.

Which”people” are she referring to? Hmm.

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