Today is Kelly Clarkson's 31st birthday, and she's never been better. She just got engaged, she performed at President Obama's Inauguration, and she is going on tour this summer with Maroon 5. Oh, and she just won a Grammy for best pop album. Yes, girl!

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So in celebration of this awesome chick, we picked a Kelly Clarkson song for every situation.

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When you're strutting down the street and feeling awesome: "Miss Independent." Man, is this song hugely underrated or what?

When you need to let your BFF know how much you love her, possibly on her Facebook wall on her birthday: "My Life Would Suck Without You."

Getting ready on a Saturday night in front of your mirror: "I Do Not Hook Up."

When you feel like no one out there understands you: "Mr. Know It All."

When you're alone and sad and just need to drive around in your car and cry: "Behind These Hazel Eyes." Does anyone else think that the 'other woman' in this video looks exactly like the human form Ursula takes on to seduce Prince Eric at the end of The Little Mermaid?

When you've had a terrible day and just need to fist pump the pain away: "Stronger." Plus, it's impossible not to smile at the shots of the people all around the world dancing in this video. Her shoulder-brushing move at 2:55 just kills me.

What is your favorite Kelly Clarkson song? Do you have a situation I missed? Do you find "Stronger" inescapable as well? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us at @OKMagazine.

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