People need to give Britney Spears credit where credit is due. Yes, she has been a bit of a mess in the past, but girl can turn out a killer single. Her new song “Work Bitch” has leaked early, and it’s here to pump up your day.

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Things to note? First: bass. Second: inexplicable British accent. Or is it German? Britney has a European accent of some kind, which is very pop diva of her (Madonna did it first but I’m sure she’d permit it here). Third: I have no idea what she’s talking about, but lyrical content is not especially important ever for a pop song, right?

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Lastly, some parts sound very reminiscent of Azealia Banks’ famous single “212,” also known as the song from the trailer for The Bling Ring. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, however. Are you ready to listen? Give it a whirl!

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