Teen Wolf star Holland Roden has taken over OKMagazine.com all this week as the site’s Celebrity-in-Chief. She’s editing posts every day, and now she’s throwing way back to her favorite old TV show. It’s an especially sentimental pick, given recent events.

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“It’s so sad to say, but I loved Mork & Mindy. It was one of my favorite shows,” says Holland. “I was obsessed with space, so that’s why it was one of my favorites.” Yes, Holland even dreamed of being an astrophysicist one day, so the story of the sweet, quirky alien Mork really stuck with her.


When Robin Williams passed away recently, “Mork & Mindy was the first thing I thought of,” Holland sayd. “Publicly, I thought of Mork & Mindy; privately, I thought of his family.” Still so shocking, and so sad. Thank you for sharing, Holland.

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