The lunch time bells are a ringin', and it's time to chat about a new celebrity snack. 

When Rocco DiSpirito showed up for a pop-up Triscuit tasting event in Times Square, he shared three healthy recipes that he recently conjured up using the brand's brown rice crackers. And while Rocco was the special celebrity guest of the afternoon, he had a serious dose of competition—the snacks!

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The fans were chowing down, giving me a confident feeling that his creations were a delicious hit amongst the Time Square visitors. All the Triscuit snacks looked scrumptious, but I had to know what one Rocco would pick first. The winner? The Nacho Melt dip served with ​the crackers. 

And when a celebrity chef names a dish he likes, you take that as advice and head straight to the grocery store, skipping the game of dinner "eeny, meeny, miny, moe." 

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I checked out the recipe and figured it would be the perfect addition to my Mad Men premiere party. The recipe's main ingredients were ground turkey, peppers, onions, garlic, black beans, tomatoes, and shredded cheddar cheese. Rocco also puts cumin and chili powder in his nacho dip, giving it a mouth-watering, kicking flavor.

It read really rather simply, calling for all the veggies to be chopped and cooked in a broiler with the spices. The black beans and meat were tossed in about eight minutes later. The entire cooking affair look me about 30 minutes, which was only ten minutes over the time the recipe projects. I'm a slow cooker, so the extra time was probably do to my pace. 

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The last step was to add the shredded cheese on top of the dip so it could melt in the broiler—hence the Nacho Melt name. 

The nice thing about this melt was that I could still see all the ingredients that I put in it and knew what I was eating. And although I accidently left it in the broiler for too long, the color wasn't masked by a gooey mashed-up consistency. 

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Just like the event in Time Square, it was a thorough hit. In a word, the Roasted Red Repper Triscuit crackers with the dip were amaze. I just wish I packed them for my lunch today. 

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