Pull out the baby books! It’s time to figure out which parent little baby Jonas looks like! While you might have assumed Danielle and Kevin Jonas were hangin’ out at the New Jersey-based Super Bowl this past weekend, the celeb couple and former Fit Pregnancy cover stars were actually in the maternity ward at the hospital, welcoming in their new baby girl Alena Rose.

Did Kevin and Danielle Jonas Film Their Baby’s Birth For Married to Jonas?

One thing is quite clear—baby Jonas is a little cutie. What were not so certain about? If she is a Danielle or Kevin Jonas mini-me? The only way to figure this out is to study up some old pics of her parents. Fit Pregnancy rounded up the goods (a few nostalgic snapshots of Danielle and Kevin, of course) giving you the perfect opportunity to figure it out!

Danielle Jonas Felt Her Baby Kick After Hearing Her Hubby On Stage

Visit Fit Pregnancy to see the photos for yourself. 

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