Viva Brand And Former Bachelorette, Trista Sutter, Encourage Americans To "Break Up For Better" With Launch Of Viva VantageYes, Trista Sutter is indeed involved in a break-up, but not the kind you’re thinking. Our favorite Bachelorette is still very happily married to hubby Ryan Sutter, whom she met on the reality series, but she’s spreading the word that everyone should consider calling it quits with their ho-hum paper towels and give Viva Vantage, a stretchier, scrubbier version of the household staple, a try. Trista talked to OK! about her partnership with the brand, romantic break-ups and how she and Ryan keep their relationship on track.

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OK!: What are you doing with Viva Vantage?
Trista Sutter: I partnered with Viva Vantage as their Break=up Expert for their Break Up with Your Towel program. I’m here to tell people about their new, revolutionary V-Flex Weave technology that stretches for extra scrubbing power. I think around Valentine’s Day it’s about telling people you should always require the best from everything in your life—whether it’s your paper towel or your boyfriend. A majority of people prefer Viva Vantage over the national leading brand, which is Bounty. I think when people know what the best is they’re going to demand it and that goes for all different avenues or parts of your life, including your kitchen accessories!

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OK!: What advice would you give to someone who is currently questioning their relationship?
TS: I would advise them to look at what’s important to them as an individual and what makes them happy. If you aren’t happy for whatever reason, first of all communicate that to the person you’re with and make sure you’re very open about your needs and your wants. If there’s a way to salvage those and work on it…if you’re married then I think committing yourself to making it work and putting 100 percent of your efforts into that time and energy that’s necessary to make a successful relationship. If your relationship compared to your job or hobbies or friends doesn’t get the same attention, then it’s not going to flourish. It’s just about making sure you’re getting what you want and you need and demanding the best.

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OK!: How do you and Ryan keep things fresh and romantic?
TS: I think it’s about taking the time. Time management. When the kids are sleeping or when they’re at school and when we’re able to get away and have a date night and hire a babysitter or be watched by trusted family, I think it’s just about dedicating that time to each other. There’s no secret, if you will, it’s just about putting that time in.

OK!: What’s your favorite thing to do together?
TS: We’re really into movies, and I know that’s really silly and it sounds really boring, but when you’re a parent and all you’re watching is them play Super Mario or Bubble Guppies, it’s good to have adult time and watch a dramatic movie or something to get out of your own lives. That’s probably what we like to do in daily life. Traveling is another thing we like to do together if we get the chance to really get away from daily life.

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