No soup for Janice Dickinson!

The loud-mouthed and self-proclaimed “world’s first supermodel” is not only creating chaos on the catwalk, but in restaurants as well after demanding that her pureed chicken soup at Beverly Hills’ Panini Café be strained.

When the waiter explained it’s impossible to strain pureed soup, an eyewitness tells OK!, “She barked, ‘Bring me four bowls of chicken vegetable soup and a strainer and I’ll do it myself.’”

Fear not – there was no special treatment here. The waiter once again refuted Janice’s requested, to which the 53-year-old announced that “that she lived in Italy for two years and the waiters there ‘would never tell her no,’ ” the eyewitness says. “Janice then stormed out of the restaurant, cursing in Italian.”

The waiter tells OK!, “I don’t care who she is, I can’t strain pureed soup. Because she is some old model, I’m supposed to do the impossible?”

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