This morning we woke up only to find out that Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans got arrested again. Just another Tuesday, eh? But this time, Jenelle turned herself in. Yup.

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As we reported yesterday, Jenelle was due in court around 9:30am on Monday for a hearing on the cyber-stalking charges from Gary Head. But, for whatever the reason, Jenelle showed up late to her hearing. So instead of waiting around for the cops to arrest her for failing to show up, she turned herself into Brunswick County Jail in North Carolina and posted (and smiled!) for this mug shot. What's this, like, her seventh one now?

But don't worry, guys. Jenelle is out of the slammer already. She got released pretty quickly on $1,000 bail (surely that bail didn't come from Kieffer, unless his pipe business is really taking off…), and then Jenelle got right back on Twitter, letting her fans know that she's ok:

And also letting the know that she really like Ed Sheeran:

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