After making short films on Royal Caribbean International’s new ship Allure of the Seas, Jenny McCarthy and James Brolin, along with their respective casts made up of Amy Yasbeck, Dean Cain, Caroline Lagerfelt, Chelsea Ricketts, Justin Baldoni, Courtney Henggeler, Scott Elrod and Charles Malik Whitfield, returned to the ship to premiere their work.

Jenny directed and starred in Allure of Love, while James directed and starred in Royal Reunion, and both films had the beautiful Allure as a backdrop to the stories. OK! had the chance to sit down with Jenny and James to talk about what it was like to make a film on the high seas.

How is it being back on this boat?
James: It’s great. They say during the week, you can eat in a different restaurant every meal and never hit the same place twice.

Best part of filming on the ship?
Jenny: The location was all in one. I didn’t have to get on a freeway to go to work. It was really nice to just walk to the next scene. We took advantage of that in our 16-hour shoot days. Everything was beautiful, so the production value looked amazing. This was our backdrop. It was gorgeous.


What was it like filming during a cruise?
Jenny: That was challenging. People are walking by and the normal reaction is to just stare. And we couldn’t say, “Hey, quiet, we’re rolling!” It’s their cruise. We had to shoot and just take care of sound later. That part was a little tricky.

James: The problem was we couldn’t have a lot of lighting equipment. The crowd stayed out of our way and everybody was excited that we were there. The ship was very considerate that the passengers were first.

What was your favorite part about filming here?
James: You didn’t have to travel very far. It traveled for you. All you had to do is walk from your room down. There are 32 elevators for the guests! It’s easy and pretty quick to get somewhere.

Jenny, did you take your son with you?
Jenny: Evan had the best time of his life on this ship. I didn’t see much of him. He could not wait to come back. I should have brought him. He would have loved to be back on the ship. It’s great for families. This really is the family getaway. They’ve got babysitters here and everything’s contained. It’s just smooth sailing.

Did you get recognized the whole time?
James: It took a few days for everybody to wise up. Then they were watching for us.


Are you excited for people to see this?
Jenny: I am excited. Of course I wish I had a million more dollars and a million more hours to shoot it. It’s my first little directorial debut and I think it’s cute.

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Allure of Love with Jenny McCarthy

Royal Reunion
with James Brolin


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