Sammi Giancola is a busy girl. Not only is she getting ready to go to Italy with her fellow Jersey Shore castmates, but she recently started her own jewelry line with celebrity favorite RichRocks. Sammi talked exclusively to OK! about her new endeavor and what she hopes to do in the future.


“One of my good friends, Robin is the head of RichRocks and we decided to do a collaboration and come up with a Sammi Sweetheart line, just consisting of nine pieces that really represent me,” Sammi told OK!.

“Sweetheart necklaces, there’s heart earrings, the typical hoop earrings that I always wear, just some really, really great pieces that we put together to make the Sammi Sweetheart collection.”

Why did she want to do a jewelry collection?

“I think that jewelry really represents to a lot of people out there and I love jewelry and I love wearing necklaces and certain pieces such as hoop earrings. I just think that it really was something that I was very interested in and it was something that appeals to my eye so I wanted to really get into it.”


Besides her jewelry line, Sammi also has a perfume out called “Dangerous.” She told OK! how she set both that and her jewelry at affordable prices so her fans could purchase it easier.

“Yes, I definitely wanted my products to be affordable for everybody out there. I just think that not a lot of people can really get expensive perfumes or expensive jewelry so  this is a way to reach out to the fans and try to get them more involved.”

Sammi and the rest of her Jersey Shore crew are headed to Italy very soon for their fourth season. What is she most excited about seeing there? “I just think I want to try the food, I want to ride the gondola, I just really want to get a feel of what Italy is all about.”

Sammi’s jewelry line is available at and her perfume is sold at nation-wide Mandee’s stores and


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