Of all the hotel lobbies in all the world, John Mayer had to walk into Jessica Simpson’s.The songstress was thrown for a loop Tuesday night when she arrived at New York’s SoHo Grand Hotel and learned her ex-beau was waiting in the lobby.

No, he wasn’t waiting for Jessica. John was visiting a friend who was staying at the hotel, but upon hearing news that she could run into him, a pal of Jessica’s tells OK!, "She got very tense and nervous about seeing him and started primping and adjusting her clothes. You could tell she didn’t want to see him." Since the two parted ways in the spring, they have remained on friendly terms, texting and talking on the phone, but they have yet to physically see each other, her friend adds. “It’s the idea that looking good is the best revenge."

Unbeknownst to Jessica, her assistant Adrienne Sands coordinated with hotel staff to ask John to either go to his friend’s room or leave altogether. When told the reason for being asked to leave, according to an eyewitness, "John laughed and said, ‘Sure.’ He didn’t cause a scene. He said to give Jess a big hug for him."

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