Jimmy Kimmel! Should I applaud you or be mad at you for tricking the world with that fake video of the twerking girl who lights herself on fire? Jimmy admitted on his show last night that he was behind the viral video. Watch his reveal!

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Okay, Jimmy is pretty much a genius. Let’s look back at some of his greatest hits.

Of course, the ultimate was his then-girlfriend Sarah Silverman tricking him with the genius segment “I’m F*cking Matt Damon,” but his retaliation video wasn’t so bad. His reaction, “I’m F*cking Ben Affleck,” included even more celebrities and was generally hilarious.

With the totally opposite tone, Jimmy has twice asked parents to tell their kids they ate their Halloween candy, and then record the results. The results are, of course, hilarious and sweet.

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Like “Call Me Maybe” before it, “Blurred Lines” has inspired plenty of parodies of its iconic video. Jimmy tried his hand at one, too.

Then there was the time Channing Tatum was involved. It is still unclear to me how one Channings all over a Tatum.

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