Jon Gosselin’s plans to break into the Hamptons social elite seem to be failing miserably.

Recently the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star has been swanning around the summertime playground of New York’s rich and famous in the dubious company of Michael Lohan.

But according to our spies he was forced to abort his attempts to mingle with the creme de la creme on Saturday when he was laughed out of a party at the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge in Bridgehampton.

Poor old Jon!

The father-of-eight — who seems to have been dating both 22-year-old Hailey Glassman and tabloid reporter Kate Major of late — went to the match with his new pal and fellow celebu-dad, Michael.

But sources have told OK! that Jon was doing laps of the swanky gathering all on his lonesome, apparently hoping someone would recognize him, force a glass of Dom Perignon into his hand and invite him to their next dinner party.

Alas, after his fourth circuit around the tent, all the reality star attracted was heckles, according to the source.

A few of the rowdier guests were heard to not-too-subtly mock Jon’s clothes, which he had hastily purchased from a nearby branch of J. Crew, according to another source.

We hear that when Jon heard their haughty taunts he made for the exit with his tail between his legs.

Now don’t you listen to those mean old socialites, Jon. Just get right back on the polo pony and take another shot at climbing that social ladder!

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