Fans of the Jonas Brothers might be completely crazy over the wildly popular threesome, but Nick, Joe and Kevin are just as crazy for their fans!


The objects of affection for thousands of tweens everywhere gave an exclusive private concert in L.A. on Friday at the Roxy to launch American Eagle’s 77Kids, and all the boys wanted to talk about was their devoted followers.


"We’re thankful for our fans," Joe told reporters. "They’ve always been there for us. They always show up at the coolest places. Outside of venues, or when we’re, like, doing the CBS Early Show at, like, 6:00 in the morning. They’ve been there for four hours ahead of time just waiting, and that’s just so cool. And you can’t thank them enough. We saw some just waiting outside. They’re not going to be able to get in. They’re just here to hang out."


So what could be cuter than a Jonas Brother who loves his fans? How about a Jonas Brother with a puppy! Nick recently received a golden retriever named Elvis for his birthday, and the guys have been having fun with him.


"He tackled my little brother the other day and we thought he had a black eye," laughed Kevin. "I mean, this dog is amazing."


Speaking of birthday presents, what about that Lamborghini Kevin was seen with around his birthday? Not his.


"That was a birthday gift that someone rented. He gave it to me for the week. It was really, really nice, actually. People thought that I bought it and no, I did not!"


It turns out the Jo Bro is more of an eco-friendly guy when it comes to cars.

"Right now, I’m really happy with the hybrid. I get lots of great mileage on that one."


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