Not only are Sasha and Malia Obama lucky because their dad Barack Obama is the new President of the United States,  they also got to meet some very special visitors – the Jonas Brothers!


Nick, Kevin and Joe tell Entertaiment Tonight they were happy to surprise the Obama girls at their new home, the White House.

"We had an amazing time with the girls," Kevin said. "It was awesome and we had a blast." 


"It’s a little scary hearing screams in the White House!" joked Joe.


While they boys say they aren’t going to be back to the White House as often as Sasha and Malia might like, there is one way to guarantee a visit: a very special plane ride.


"We do hope to fly on Air Force One, so if you can make that possible, girls…" Kevin joked.


We can just hear Sasha and Malia asking their dad for the keys to the jet!

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