This season on 16 & Pregnant, Aleah, the teen mom slash step-mom, certainly had it rough. But Jordan Cashmyer’s episode took it to a whole new level. She’s the first homeless girl to ever appear on the show, so of course that’s mostly what her episode focused on. Here’s some little tidbits we picked up along the way that really make us feel for Jordan and her boyfriend, Derek Taylor:

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1. Jordan doesn’t speak to her parents. Jordan’s dad kicked her and Derek out of the house after they got pregnant and after Derek lost his job, and we learn throughout the episode that Jordan hasn’t spoken to her parents since. She didn’t even want to call them when she was in labor!

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2. Jordan has nowhere to live. Yes, we’ve established this. But Jordan and Derek live in three separate places throughout the episode—his friend’s couch, his dad’s friend’s living room, and, finally, in their own room in Derek’s dad’s apartment down in Texas, which was their very last resort.


3. They can’t afford anything for their baby, let alone themselves. Jordan and Derek carried their belongings in garbage bags, and had to rely on Derek’s dad’s friend whom they were living with to buy them things like gas for their car and nursing pads for Jordan. They even acknowledge on camera that they ended up breastfeeding Genevieve because they couldn’t afford baby formula.

4. Derek refuses to get a job. Sure, maybe he was kinda trying, but how frustrating must that have been for Jordan that all he did was play video games instead of put himself out into the job market? UGH.

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5. Jordan has to rely on her friend to throw her a baby shower. With her own mother out of the picture, Jordan takes up her friend Sugar’s offer for her and her mom to throw the couple a baby shower. Jordan felt bad accepting it, you could tell. But she knew she needed all those baby gifts and had no other choice.

Jordan Cashmyer Facebook
Jordan Cashmyer Facebook

6. Jordan and Derek’s car breaks down. The car was all they had left, and during a cold afternoon in February, it broke down in a parking lot. Then Derek and an eight-months-pregnant Jordan had to walk back home in the freezing cold winter since the car was pretty much dead forever.

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7. Jordan and Derek move out of state in order to get a roof over their heads. The good news is that by the end of the episode, Jordan and Derek get permanent housing and jobs. The bad news is that it required them moving from Marlyand to Texas and moving in with and working for Derek’s dad, who lives there. With no family or friends in the area, Jordan will pretty much live a sad life as a teenage mom slash housewife until they get back on their feet. Heartbreaking.

Jordan Cashmyer Facebook
Jordan Cashmyer Facebook

Their redeeming quality, though? Jordan has her high school diploma and Derek completed at least one year’s worth of college credits. Plus, they have each other, and unlike most of the other baby daddies on the show, Derek seems pretty committed to his girlfriend and his daughter. Guess we’ll find out their fate on the 16 & Pregnant reunion show when it airs July 1st on MTV!

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