Leave the Kardashian girls alone! After vandals hit Kim, Kourtney and Khloe‘s new Miami Beach Dash boutique with graffiti, someone else followed suit and defaced their L.A. store.


The first act of vandalism seemed to be gang-related, but this time, the criminals wrote "We Love [Heart] U Kim" as part of their graffiti.


Khloe blogged all about it on her official site, including a picture of the evidence.


She writes:


"Ok dolls, I have some pretty ridiculous news –our LA Dash was vandalized!  The one yesterday seemed obviously gang-related and had nothing to do with us… today the one in Calabasas was most likely intentional since people know it is our store.

This morning when my mom went to open the store, she found that it had been graffitied with more or less the same stuff that the Miami store had. Luckily we have security cameras so we will investigate and hopefully find the people who did this… the police are at the store as we speak."


Khloe isn’t happy with the vandals but she definitely seems to have a positive attitude regarding the whole mess, adding, "I hope the disgusting people who did this know that these little activities of theirs don’t discourage us.  We are no less excited for the opening of our Miami store. Yes, this is DEFINITELY a bump in the road, but it’s a small bump in the grand scheme of things.  It’s disappointing, but certainly not discouraging!  A little graffiti won’t bring us Kardashian women down!!!  LOL."


Word up, KK!

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