The focus is on Lady Gaga for the release of the video for “Applause”, but Katy Perry is breaking some big records for her brand new song “Roar”.

But that’s not all! Including her huge debut, Katy reportedly will most likely also score the biggest sales week of her career thanks to this bright first single from her upcoming album Prism.

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“For a minute I thought I was going to do a dark record, but then I let the light in and that is what the prism does,” Katy says of the album that will come out on October 22.


“It has a beam going into it and it shines out the rest of the colors on the other side. And that’s how I feel this record is,” continues the star. “I let the light in, it served me well, and now I get to share all the light I have learned with all of my fans through the songs.”

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Maybe her cheery outlook has something to do with the fact that she has rekindled her romance with John Mayer? Katy, to the chagrin of a few fans, referred to John as her “incredible, inspiring boyfriend” on a recent tweet to help promote his new album:

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