Last night on the People's Choice Awards' red carpet, one thing was for certain: Mom and daughter duo Sharon and Kelly Osbourne agreed to disagree on Kelly's new 'do. And by that we mean the new color: Gray!

"It's not staying!" Sharon proclaimed, to which point Kelly responded, "She hates it!"
Kelly told reporters, "This is the woman who made me the person that I am today and she questions it. I don't understand it!" Sounds like Kelly is growing it out, so she's taking breaks in between because "I can't keep bleaching my hair." She added, "I did it a year ago, but it was more of a lavender-gray. But I went straight gray this time."
Hair-raising topic aside, let's get onto other matters like Jack's soon-to-be newborn, one topic, of course, the mother and daughter shared the same sentiments.
"Oh my God!" Sharon exclaimed. "To have another baby in our home! It's a blessing! He'll be the best dad. He has the best heart." Sharon sounds over the moon and told OK! she hasn't given any input on the name. "It's totally up to them."
Kelly also expressed her excitement for the arrival of an upcoming Osbourne. Looks like Aunty Kelly is super excited to babysit. "Oh, I have already told him, 'I know it's your baby but it's really my baby so whenever you want a night off, let me know!' "
She added, "He is going to be an amazing dad… this is like his dream come true! I watched him turn into a man overnight and it was his beautiful. I'm like his emotional sister sobbing behind him wherever he goes! I'm like, 'I'm so proud of you!' "
Reporting by Gena Oppenheim

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