Kendall Jenner and Jordan Clarkson’s relationship has taken a major new twist, with a source telling that she has already given the basketball star a key to her new beachside mansion!

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“Kendall and Jordan are officially ‘casually dating’, but it’s a lot more serious than they’re making out,” the source said. “They were seeing other people, but things have taken a turn for the serious and they’ve agreed to date exclusively.”

The source added that Jenner and Clarkson have been spending tons of time together, leading the two to decide to take the massive step in their relationship! “They’re completely in lust with each other and will fly thousands of miles just for a night together. They’ve given each other keys to their respective homes and, yes, they’ve even left toothbrushes and changes of clothing there,” the source said.

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The insider continued, “It’s beginning to gain ground now they’ve come out formally. Kendall’s taken her time finding the right guy – she even had a full background check done on him before taking things further. If she’s aligning herself to him, she doesn’t want any embarrassing things down the line.”

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