The reality show, The Girls Next Door, made Kendra Wilkinson a star and then of course, she starred a show of her own on E!, Kendra. Well, the 26-year-old with the infectious laugh is at it again and this time she'll return to TV in Kendra On Top.

She told USA Today, "Of course you can look at it however you want to look at it, but the reason we named it that was because everyone said, 'Kendra, you're the most fit, you're the best wife, you've got the best family.' Everyone's been saying those words to me so we summed it all up."
But what about the double entendre? "You can take it and play with it and have fun with it," she said. "I'm OK with it 'cuz I'm a free person, I'm open. That's the fun part of it, but the real meaning is where my life is now."
Kendra On Top will air on WE TV and will include an hour-long premiere and an hour-long finale plus 12 half-hour episodes. Her show will focus on "motherhood, parenthood, wifehood." It will also show a little bit more of Hank as he figures out a career post-football. 
She added, "My life is a journey. I love to put it on TV. I felt like my life was injected with steroids. I'm bigger, I'm better. I'm the best person, the best parent. I want to be happier, more fulfilled. I want to be on top." 
And in true joking Kendra form, she added, "Who knows, you might even see me on top of Hank and get pregnant!"

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