Could you believe that Kerry Washington‘s gorgeous look from the Golden Globes was done completely with makeup from Walgreen’s? Her makeup artist, Carola Gonzalez, dished to exactly how you can recreate this look at home and have a glam red carpet moment!

“I wanted the makeup to be simple, classic with a modern twist. We had previously discussed about doing the eye with a dark liner all around it, but I added the touch of layering it with Neutrogena’s Long Wear Shimmery Dark Silver Eye Shadow, from the Smokey Steel palette to add a touch of spark to the liner,” she said.

The celebrity makeup artist said the “dress inspired the makeup because it was a modern version of a 1950’s dress.”

“I wanted the makeup to be from the same era, but edgier. Instead of just lining just the top lash line I decided to line the entire eye,” she said.

Her biggest challenge, though, was choosing the right shade of lipstick.

“There was already so much going on with her dress and eyes, that I needed to keep it toned down,” she said. “I personally didn’t want to go with a nude lip, it’s always the easy way out, I wanted something with a hint of color, but it had to be sheer. I started to think about which shade would be the right one, and all of the sudden I looked at all the Neutrogena Smooth Color sticks, and there it was, the perfect shade for the look: Bright Berry. I don’t think any other shade would have worked as perfect as this one. It was just the icing on the cake!”

As for working with Kerry and other celebrities, Gonzalez said she always discusses possible looks before any major event.

“It’s important that we agree on each other’s vision and that we are on the same page. Sometimes we research and e-mail inspirational images of looks we like, other times Kerry sends me a picture of the dress and I give her my ideas and she gives me hers and we design the look together by implementing both’s ideas. Or sometimes she just lets me do whatever I want.”

As for Washington, the Django Unchained actress “loved the look” and so did we!

“She was really, really, really happy. She even told me afterwards, the next time I saw her, how much she had loved it. In her own words, she said, ‘We killed it.'”

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