While Khloe Kardashian Odom might not be trying her very hardest to get pregnant, she’s not really trying not to become a mom either! “I’m not rushing it, but I’m also not doing anything to prevent it,” Khloé admitted of her baby plans with hubby Lamar Odom in an interview with Sean Valentine on 104.3 MY FM today.

“We both want to [have children together] and I think we’re in an ideal situation,” added the newlywed. “We’re just happy together.”

And although Khloé says she’s not rushing things, if Lamar had it his way, it’d be one big baby boom already!

“Lamar wants to have a baby like, tomorrow,” laughed Khloé.

Lamar even went so far as to suggest that his wife’s New Year’s Eve sickness was due to impending motherhood, exclaiming, “Yes! You’re pregnant!” reveals Khloé.

So if their plan of not planning anything works out, does Khloé want a girl or a boy?

“I would want a boy but I don’t care,” she explains. “There are just so many girls in our family!”


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