Kiefer Sutherland is getting ready to wreak havoc on terrorists on 24, but his character Jack Bauer may need some coaxing. In an interview with Parade, Kiefer explains how Jack is the one that who needs saving and Kiefer just as to go along for the ride!

As both Kiefer and Jack start to get older they’re taking more of a beating, but still ready to jump into action!

“It’s amazing that I’m still alive.” Kiefer said to Parade. “Jack Bauer’s taken an ass-kicking, that’s for sure. It’s kind of in keeping with the character that he’s taken as much as he’s dished out.”

“But you can’t fake the physical side of it,” he adds. “If you’re hanging underneath a garbage truck going 45 miles an hour, you’re not going to be faking your fear. You jump off the side of a building, you’re gonna react the way you should. Some of the stunts I can still barely do, but I’ve loved doing them. And the physicality of what Jack goes through is a huge part of why I think people like the show and have identified with him.”

So, does Kiefer think fans will want to watch Jack as a senior?

“I would love to do 24 until I was 60, but I don’t think anybody would accept it,” Kiefer said. “Part of what’s driving us is that we believe that we’re capable of making a perfect season. I don’t believe any of us have felt that we’ve done that. And every year we’ve learned something that made us go, ‘Oh God, I wish I could fix that or do that better.'”

But real life keeps Kiefer grounded in not getting too carried away with his role. Despite what people may think, he is not treated like Jack Bauer at airport security!

“I get in the same line as everybody else and go through the same search as everybody else,” he explained. “They probably talk to me a little more than the other passengers, but that’s about it.”

“I’ve always been shocked that people that I’m actually flying with say, ‘Oh, I feel safer on the plane with you,'” he added. “I’m thinking, ‘You must not watch the show because everybody around me gets killed.'”

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