Dancing with the Stars pro Kym Johnson has teamed up with OK! to update you every week on the triumphs and travails as she attempts to turn her celeb partner Donny Osmond into a ballroom champion!

Hi, everyone! Welcome to week two of my blog for OK!. I’ve got to tell you that I just can’t wait for the first Dancing with the Stars show with my fabulous partner, Donny. We’re working really hard. We’ve kind of got our first dance down but we’ve got to polish it.

Our rehearsals have been going really well. Donny’s just so nice to be around. We rehearse six hours a day, which is a long time, but I don’t mind because I really enjoy his company. He’s really hard on himself, he’s a perfectionist, so I have to try and get him out of that and to have a little bit of fun. Ballroom dance is really difficult to master, so he’s struggling a little bit with that. He’ll get it. I’m not concerned at all.

In fact, he’s made a drastic improvement since I wrote my last blog. I brought him this posture bar, which is this kind of crazy looking bar he wears and it helps him with his posture while he rehearses the dance. I said to him, “I have a little present for you” and I gave it to him and he said, “This isn’t a present. This is torture!” but he put it on. It does pinch your shoulders together; it’s a bit uncomfortable to begin with but he did feel it really helped him understand how much he has to keep his arms up. We’ll keep using it until the competition starts.

Donny has been torturing me a little, too — in a good way. He was giving me some singing lessons today. I sang a little bit of The Captain and Tenille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together” for him and he said, “You can sing” and started teaching me a few things in rehearsal. It kind of let me see how he feels when he’s out of his comfort zone because I got so embarrassed and nervous to sing in front of him.

Meanwhile, I’ve also had a chance to go exploring, as my exclusive OK! blog photos show! We have Sunday off at the moment, which Donny spends with his family, so this past Sunday, I went to Park City. I’d never been there before and was eager to see where the ski slopes were. I went on this toboggan slide thing, all the way down the mountain. I’m a bit scared of heights but this one was more of a coast so it was good fun. I want to come back when it’s snowing!


Later, I entered this Park City marketplace and this man was there making pottery, spinning his clay. I’ve always wanted to try it after watching Ghost with Demi Moore, so I asked him to help me make something. I made Donny a little vase so he can have it in his dressing room. I think it looks quite nice. I definitely got my hands dirty making this thing. I’m giving it to Donny tomorrow — I don’t know what he’ll think of it.

Making a vase for Donny at a Park City street festival

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