Dancing with the Stars pro Kym Johnson has teamed up with OK! to update you every week as she attempts to turn her partner Donny Osmond into a ballroom champion!

Hi, everyone! Welcome to week 12 of my OK! Dancing with the Stars blog!

Last night, Donny and I performed as part of the final five. I was so pleased about our two dances.

I feel our first dance of the night, the Viennese waltz, was his very best performance of the season. My choreography was about a man and a woman and the love story between them and I think we totally pulled off the fantasy.

We got a score of 26. I must admit I thought we’d get a higher score. I don’t really understand but that’s okay.  That’s the judges’ opinion and we really enjoyed doing it. Most importantly, in the dance, Donny conquered the major issue he’s been working on all season — his posture. He was able to keep his shoulders really straight as he glided me along the floor. I think he showed such a major improvement there! The audience got up on their feet after our performance. I believe they really thought the dance was beautiful and showed emotion.

Me and Donny in costume for the Viennese waltz.

Our second dance, the ‘80s style Paso Doble, we just loved. I decided we had to have a wind machine in the dance because that’s so typically ‘80s — remember the wind machines in all those old videos that blew the singers’ hair back?  I thought it had a great effect in our dance and people will remember it was an entertaining routine. Donny really went there and got into an Adam Ant style character. He wasn’t afraid of it at all. We got a 24 — again, I would have liked it to be higher, but Donny and I always keep a good attitude about that. We know the competition is really tough now, because only the very best dancers are left.  Our cumulative scores for the two dances tied us with Aaron and Karina for last place.

As far as tonight’s elimination show, I’m incredibly nervous. We could be going home tonight. It’s a definite possibility. There’s not much you can do but wait and see on Tuesdays. It’s going to be nerve wracking tonight!

I was relieved this week that Donny had recovered from the flu, which made our rehearsals easier. I’ve been so lucky to stay healthy this season when some of the other competitors got ill as well. I think it’s my tough Aussie breeding — ha, ha! I’m so happy Donny was feeling better, and it showed in that we had a really fun week preparing the two dances. As you saw on the show, Donny got emotional before our rehearsals for the Viennese waltz, describing how tough it had been for him juggling everything.

I don’t think people realize how much Donny is doing. He’s got his show in Las Vegas and he’s not with his family at the moment — they’re in Utah and he’s not able to go there. It was taking a bit of a toll on him. But now, he can see the end in sight—and he still wants to win this really bad. Donny was feeling much better and his spirits were high this week.

The most fun thing I did on my (very slim) down time last week was get hair extensions put in on Wednesday. I stayed in L.A. so I could get the process done while Donny went to Las Vegas to do his show. Because I’m going to Broadway to do the show “Burn the Floor” with Maks Chmerkovskiy, and I’m doing my own hair and makeup, I wanted to have extra hair and not have to worry about clipping hair in and it possibly falling out during the show. So I went to this amazing woman on Melrose Avenue, Vered Valensi at Vered Salon. She put in Hairdreams extensions. It took three hours!

Check out my short hair, before the extensions!

It looks amazing now — I have long, beautiful hair which will be perfect for my Broadway experience! Then I went to rehearse with Maks straight after that.

Look at my new long locks!

The next morning, on Thursday, my mom and I flew to Vegas so I could rehearse with Donny. While I was in Vegas, my mom celebrated her birthday on Thursday and I took her to see the show Jersey Boys. We both loved it. Then I surprised her again on Saturday by treating her to see Bette Midler. I’ve always been such a huge fan!

I love Bette Midler!

As my blog photo shows, I couldn’t resist having my picture taken with Mya and Dmitry in their ‘70s samba outfits on Monday night. I thought the decades’ dance theme that the producers of the show decided to do was one of the highlights of the entire season.

Check out our awesome costumes!

Mya got the first perfect 30 last night and she’s definitely the front runner but I couldn’t predict who’s going to get eliminated tonight! Keep your fingers crossed for me and Donny! We need all the help we can get!

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