LeAnn Rimes went on Chelsea Lately to promote her new album, Ladies and Gentlemen, but the singer immediately turned the tables on host Chelsea Handler for talking about her!

According to RadarOnline, Chelsea started the interview by welcoming LeAnn. "Welcome to my show, I know that you've seen me talking sh*t about you on the show." 
As for LeAnn's response? "Absolutely. I have which is more why I wanted to come on."
As LeAnn divorced dancer Dean Sheremet, it proved to be ample material for Chelsea to incorporate into her show. So entertaining, actually that LeAnn found herself laughing and crying simultaneously!
She explained, "I watched your show religiously. I was bawling my eyes out and I was watching…and I was watching your show thinking I could get a laugh out of it, instead I was laughing at you laughing at me." Plus, she pointed out it was the "first time [I] could laugh and cry at the same time….Those were great memories for me."
Wasting no time for a funny comment, Chelsea added, "Well, your divorce was great memories for me, too."

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