I got booted last week, which kinda sucked, right? Fine, I might have not been the best designer on the show, Nina Garcia didn't want me in Marie Claire, Heidi Klum didn't want to wear me, and Michael Kors needed sunglasses to look at my designs. What evz. No such thing as bad press right?! But, despite all the insults, jokes and bashing I took on the runway, I was true to myself. If it's too colorful, childish and tacky for the judges and if they don't get it that is totally cool by me. I am pretty sure Michael would feel exactly the same way if I told him I didn't like his designs, right? Different strokes and all that. What I was most sad about was saying bye to my boys, esp. Gunnar and Chris, despite their differences, I love both of them. In different ways they both make me silly-happy and I am going to miss being in the work room with them. But I wish them and all the other designers all the LUCK in the world, they really deserve to be there!


Poor Raul getting booted for a second time, I cannot imagine how that must have felt. Honestly, it ain't easy standing up there on the runway, I gotta tell ya that much. If looks could kill, I would have had to have been removed in several body bags and the stage would have required some special-cleaning-services after those deadly killer stares I had to endure from Nina Garcia. I get shivers just thinking about it. EEK!!! I was ABSOLUTELY petrified of her! Getting that women to crack a smile was like beating a heart into a rock (Nina also happens to be the rock of which I speak of).

I knew my time was up and I was and still am totally ok with it. Project Runway was no doubt in my mind the most exciting, stressful, weird and special time of my life. I am so honored to have been able to have worked in the same room as those designers, all so talented and unique (and some, yes, were totally bonkers!). Sure, I probably could have lasted a bit longer had “everyone not dropped like flies,” but I am super happy to have been part of what will probably be remembered as one of the most dramatic and out-of-control episodes ever!

Since I got auf'd, I have been working out a lot (Buffi Boot Camp, will explain below), I have been finishing up on a dress-making and sewing book I have coming out next year (yes, Nina, I can sew), which I will explain more on as the closer we get to launching. I am also working on some fun one-off designs for New York performer, Cherie Lily, Burlesque dancer, Angie Pontani as well as the stunning Plastic Martyr. I'm selling a sexy line of garters at Shag in Williamsburg and if you need a Circle Top, you can place an order via my website: www.quietriotdubai.com. So enough of that self-promo, hehe, a girl’s gotta do and all that… right?!


Remember I described the “Buffi Girl” as a chick who is always dressed for the party, even if she is not going to one? And yeah, it might not be a party-look that everyone would rock, but it certainly ain't a party that everyone would get invited to, see what I'm saying? But the Buffi girl does a lot more than dresses that look like she just grabbed the closest thing she could in a burning down hair salon (Thanks for that, Michael Kors!). She is (and when I say, she, I guess I mean me, but I plan to make that “we”) also hardcore about the “Fe-gan Diet” (Fake-vegan, which means you can eat anything you want, it's brilliant and probably the most easy diet you'll ever follow!). I am the founder and currently only follower of the Fegan lifestyle. The diet is all about whipping up quick meals that you can add into your busy lifestyle without compromising your health. My sister's husband lost 17lbs in 6 weeks on the healthy Fegan diet plan I put him on!

On top of that, she (me, and soon to be you, and then “we”) also is crazy about “Buffi Boot Camp”. Again, a hardcore workout I came up with that has got my body fat down to 15 percent in three months (from 21 percent), and my BMI is 19, which is pretty damn good. But dudes/dudettes, it was easy, and fun, I didn't starve myself and I feel great! I want you to, too!

Next Martha Stewart perhaps? I don't plan on any jail time, however, I would like to take this time, only once a week, to blog on the Buffi-esque lifestyle tips, including: easy and fun sewing tips, some super simple healthy Fegan recipes, a couple of handy workout tips á la Buffi Boot Camp. In the hope to encourage you to be happy, healthy, and slightly more mad individuals! Oh, I might also have to go a lil SJP on you and discuss dating dirtbags in New York. Anyone mind if I go a little “is it possible in this day and age for…” (SJP's classic opening to every dating dilemma she faces) on you? Do you think this might encourage Pat Fields to hire me as her stylist-in-crime, or at least let me pick her brain? Maybe she'll send me some free clothes. I just want to meet a normal guy that knows when to lie!!! I blame women who started with all this honesty crap, it has to stop! Want to know more about what the heck I'm on about (or, most likely, don't really care, yes, I know, I was only on the show 4 weeks!) I'll explain all this, next week.

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