With a very wild past behind her, Lindsay Lohan was recently reported to be trying to change her life and make a difference in the world by filming a BBC documentary set in India on the matter of child trafficking, Pop Eater reports.

During her time spent in India aiding in the cause, Lindsay took to her twitter account to have her new found “good girl” voice heard according to Pop Eater.

“Focusing on celebrities and lies is so disconcerting when we can be changing the world one child at a time, “ the 23-year-old tweeted.

Pop Eater reports that the former child star was working with the Save the Child Movement to stop the trafficking of underage children on the market and claimed to have saved forty children in just a day’s time.

While in India for charity purposes, Lohan stopped by various shelters for women and children and also stopped by hospitals to give out toys to children in need according to Pop Eater.

And in final attempts to shed her bad girl persona, Lindsay tweets, “Count your blessings,” Pop Eater reports, “Please try and do something to make a difference for others.”

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