It must be nice to have Lindsay Lohan as your friend. Friday morning, the 21-year-old star woke up early to place a call into Las Vegas radio station Mix 94.1 FM. But unlike previous times when she’d phoned up a station to talk about a new movie or to defend herself against some scandalous rumor, this time, La Lohan was making the call for a friend, trying to win them that most coveted of prizes — tickets to a Hannah Montana show.

While chatting with the morning hosts, Lindsay filled everyone in on her newly subdued existence. “I think my life is different now and it’s changed,” says the recently rehabbed LiLo. “It was time to grow up. I’ve gone through a lot, and I’m just a different person now.”

And all appears to be going her way right now, from finally patching things up with her father, Michael, to getting back to work on her new album. “Everything is going well,” she admitted. But one thing she wouldn’t chat about was her love life. “I don’t kiss and tell,” Lindsay laughed.

This morning’s bit of do-goodery isn’t the only nice Lindsay’s got planned. “I am still trying to go to Africa and work overseas with children,” the young star claimed.

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