Lindsay Lohan has found herself in the Dogg house!

Don’t worry, the star’s not in jail, but she has landed in the good graces of none other than Snoop Dogg!

Already on the comeback trail with a guest arc on Ugly Betty and a role in Labor Pains, the 21-year-old’s next project could be a collaboration with the Grammy-winning rapper.

"You never know. I like Lindsay," Snoop tells OK!.

How much does he like her? So much that the 35-year-old is open to multiple ventures with the redhead! "Why not do both, a movie and an album?" he says.

But before he and Linz can put their heads together, Snoop must put the finishing touches on his bluegrass album.

“I went to the Country Music Awards and I got into the spirit of wanting to do something that was different,” he says.

Plus, he adds, “I’ve been smoking so much green grass I wanted to do a bluegrass album.”

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