Looks like Lindsay Lohan thinks she’s figured out a way to keep reporters and photographers from asking her revealing personal questions — by beating them at their own game!

In her latest entry in her Celebrity MySpace blog, the scandal-magnet star says that if she has anything going on worth writing about, she’ll be the one that scoops all the headline-writers.

Case in point — Rumors of romance trouble with gal-pal Samantha Ronson.


"They should just stop asking altogether, once and for all if she and i are broken up,  because frankly, if we ever ever did…. i would say it before they could even think of asking. i’d say it here probably… i say everything here on myspace."

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Lindsay then continues on to praise the merits of blogging on her favorite social networking site.

"i love myspace because i can just write, and i love writing, and i can prove all the liars wrong… wow- the people that make shit up must really feel silly, embarrassed, out of stories, scr*w*d, f*ck*d, punk’d, and so much more. because, i can use myspace and just let everyone know what’s really going on. which is so much more fun! cuz now, people can get to know the REAL me. yay!"

Speaking of Lindsay’s MySpace blog, on Sunday she showed her solidarity with fellow tabloid fave Britney Spears with a brief entry that read, "in support of a talented woman… enjoy the music," and showed that she was listening to Brit’s new album, Circus, at the time.

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